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            Travel Agency License Number ?L-SC-GN00901

            目的地介紹/Destination Introduction

            彝族新年 中國大涼山人文專題攝影 滎經黑砂陶窯-美姑-布拖-天路雅西高速精典8日

            Yi Nationality New Year Western China?Big Liangshan? Photograph Point for World-Class Humanistic Landscape Yingjing Black Sand Ware~Meigu?Butuo ~Ya 'an-Xichang Expressway  8 Days

            1920 DSC_1665.jpg

            景點介紹/Scenic spot introduction:


            彝族年:每年 11 月 20 即為彝族新年,為期三天,主要內容是祭祖、殺年豬,早晨雞叫以后,全村家家戶戶就要宰殺年豬。全家團聚,或殺豬、殺雞,慶賀當年人丁興旺,來年吉祥安康等事宜。大涼山更是人文攝影愛好者的天堂,無論是滿臉滄桑的老人還是那些純真可愛的孩子們,加上當地特色的環境氛圍都能讓人覺得不虛此行……

            Big Liangshan: Throughout the southwest of Sichuan province, China, in the name make the person generate a sense of coolness, but generation has lived with a group of advocating the enthusiasm of fire. Here is a pattern of time with no beginning and no ending. Its beautiful scenery, every place, every season, in the light and shadow changes, in the clouds and mist, like the natural scenery, made a deep impression on everyone who has been here. When you gaze at this side of the land of Yi culture and humanity, will immerse you in ethnic groups and cultures, ancestors and descendants, history and reality, mystery and majesty, eternal and momentary glory......The way of production, living habits and behaviors of the Yi people, and the humanistic landscape provide valuable resources for the photography.

            Yi Nationality New Year: Every year on November 20 is the Yi New Year, for a period of three days, the main content is to worship ancestors, slaughter the new year's pig, after the rooster crow in the morning, every family in the village will slaughter the new year's pig. Family reunion, or slaughter pig or chicken, to celebrate the prosperity of the year, good luck and health in the next year and other matters.Big Liangshan is also a paradise for humanistic photography lovers, no matter the old people with vicissitudes or those innocent and lovely children, the environment with local characteristics can make people feel worthwhile......


            Best time to visit:On 16th November


            Never arrange a tourist shopping store


            Gift of mineral water

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