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            Travel Agency License Number ?L-SC-GN00901

            公司資料 | Company information

            公司資料 | Company information



            1. “藏域秘境”是本公司注冊的一個國家商標品牌,專門針對藏區旅游,開發出了藏區「自然風光」與「民俗人文」類的專業攝影線路,深受海內外攝影愛好者的青睞。

            2. 本公司立足于常規旅游的基礎之上,開發出了「跨省長線」、「老年旅行」、「游學交流」、「休閑美食」等精品旅游線路。

            3. 針對高品質個性化的「家庭度假」、「蜜月旅行」、「戶外探險」「高爾夫假期」等私人定制,我公司會根據用戶的需求和想法,定制出用戶所需的旅行,提供專屬化、“一對一”式的高品質服務。



            地址: 四川省成都市錦江區順城大街127號嘉好大廈1217、1218室

            電話:86-28-86619337     傳真:86-28-86619224     郵箱: 13980800650@139.com 





            Company information: 

             Sichuan Aba Prefecture West Holiday Travel Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The main members of the company have been engaged in tourism in Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou, Gansu, Qinghai, Yunnan, Tibet and other places since the 1980s and have accumulated rich experience in tourism reception. Our company has a group of excellent moral characters and professional quality guides and tour guides in many languages (English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, etc.).

            In terms of tourism product design:

            (1) "The mysterious region of Tibetan"(藏域秘境) is a national trademark brand registered by our company. It is specially aimed at Tibetan tourism and has developed professional photography routes such as「Natural Scenery」 and「Folk Culture」in Tibetan areas, which are very popular with Photographers.

            (2) Based on conventional tourism, our company has developed excellent tourism routes such as 「Trans-regional Long-term Tour」, 「Elderly Trip」, 「Study Tour in China」 and「Leisure and Delicious Chinese Food Tour」.

            (3) For high-quality personalized 「Family Vacation」, 「Honeymoon Trip」, 「Outdoor Adventure」, 「Golf Vacation」 and other customize trip, our company will customize the travel required by clients according to their needs and ideas, customize the trip the clients needs, "one-to-one" high-quality services.


            Our company has always been committed to improving the quality of tourism services quality, resolutely resist shopping promotion, oppose the conversion of tourism activities into commodity purchases, advocate transparent consumption, we are based on honesty and make friends all over the world!

            We believe that as long as you give us a chance, Sichuan Aba Prefecture West Holiday Travel Service Ltd will become your permanent friend!

            Address: Rooms 1217 and 1218, Jiahao Building, 127 Shuncheng Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

            Tel: 86-28-86619337       Fax: 86-28-86619224      Email: 13980800650@139.com

            WeChat:WLY 337



            推薦路線 | RECOM MENDED

            推薦路線 | RECOM MENDED
            • 蜀山之王貢嘎山

              The king of Shushan Gongga Mountain

            • 藏歷新年

              Tibetan Lunar New Year

            • 色達喇榮五明佛學院Seda La Rong Wuming Institute

              Seda La Rong Wuming Institute

            • 紅石灘 The red stone beach

              The red stone beach

            • 光霧山Guangwu Mountain

              Guangwu Mountain

            • 央邁勇雪山 YangMaiyong Snow Mountain

              YangMaiyong Snow Mountain

            • 貢嘎山

              Gongga Mountain

            • 甘南草原

              Gannan Prairie

            • 雪域宮殿

              Snow Palace

            • 丹巴美人谷

              Danba Beauty Valley

            • 九寨溝?五花海 Jiuzhaigou ?Colorful autumn

              Jiuzhaigou ?Colorful autumn


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